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Elizabeth Quay: Enhancing the Inner City Property Market

Elizabeth Quay
Elizabeth Quay is arguably Perth’s newest and biggest development, designed to enhance Perth’s reputation.
Expanding our city’s grid and adding density to our CBD, the Quay creates a more connected, vibrant Perth. It is quickly becoming one of our favourite places to visit, particularly when it plays host to a variety of events and festivals.

Since opening, Elizabeth Quay has become home to several successful businesses, offering a new experience for locals, visitors from outer suburbs, and tourists alike. A must-see attraction in Perth’s city, the development positively impacts our economy by lifting property prices in surrounding suburbs and shaping Perth’s long-term capital growth.

With a diverse range of bars, cafes and family fun activities all in one spot, Elizabeth Quay is the perfect location for tourists in Perth. As a departing location for boat cruises and located within the centre of our city’s historical and iconic attractions, Elizabeth Quay is at the top of everyone’s list when they visit Perth.

As Perth’s population expands, the city grows with new hotels, offices, entertainment venues, retail outlets and hot spots to eat and drink. Now more than ever, living within the city borders is even better with various new attractions and venues right on the river’s edge. Locals are able to choose from an array of breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as a multitude of events and family activities. The BHP Water Park, a mini golf course and gondolas on the Swan are just a few of the most popular family friendly weekend options. For adventurous foodies, you can’t go past The Reveley, Isle of Voyage, V Burger Bar and Gusto Gelato to name a few outstanding eateries worthy of your Instagram feeds.

Increased venues and events translate into more employment opportunities and jobs available in Perth and its surrounding areas, which is a win for our city. The space is available all year round to host sport events, arts and family friendly activities or to pull up a picnic blanket and kick back after a long week.

Elizabeth Quay has brought a new lease on life to our CBD, with more people now motivated to live within the CBD to be able to enjoy the benefits of inner-city living. We can’t wait to see what other new businesses set up shop at Elizabeth Quay and believe things can only get better from here for the inner city property market. Soak up the vibrancy of Perth’s atmosphere and get to know Elizabeth Quay like we have – we guarantee you’ll enjoy it.
Elizabeth Quay